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Email Rose Marie FloydRose Marie and Eva Powers completed a video documentary call “Ballet: The Tradition of Cecchetti,” which is available for purchase.

"A timeless tribute to the Maestro's life and method preserved with accuracy and reverence. Beautifully danced."

- Marian Horosko, Education Editor, Dance Magazine

The Video is Unique & Inspiring Including - A brief history of Maestro Enrico Cecchetti, famous dancer, mime and ballet master, showing his great influence on the 20th Century dance world. Professional dancers perform a variety of units from the Cecchetti Syllabi with artistic license and excerpts from the "Blue Bird" and non-syllabus adage and allegro enchainments. Exercises from the Cecchetti Advanced and Diploma Syllabi danced by teachers learning the method. The ultimate goal is to create beauty of movement through a blend of technique, quality, musicality and artistry with respect to anatomy. How the Cecchetti Method of teaching is being preserved.

Includes appearances by:
Master Cecchetti Teacher:Diane Van Schoor, EI.S.T.D. Maestro Enrico Cecchetti Diploma, danced professionally in the Capab Ballet Co. in Cape Town, and is an internationally recognized authority of the Cecchetti Method. She is seen in the video teaching ballet teachers and explaining some aspects of Cecchetti's teachings.

Professional Dancers:
Caroline Cavallo - Royal Danish Ballet Company
Karen Gabay - Cleveland Ballet Company
Raymond Rodriguez - Cleveland Ballet Company

~ rated G*­ ~ 55 minutes. ~ Color. ~
Exclusive distribution and ©1996 by: Rose Marie Floyd and Eva Powers ~
Troy, Michigan 48098, (248) 641-9063 ~

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